Dear customers,


First of all we would like to welcome you with the traditional Tektosh! And we are gladly inviting you to check our Events tab, where all our special guests are announced, one month in advance.


Our club has a capacity of 90 seats. It was built so that everyone feels comfortable, not too crowded, but not too spaced out either. 


If you like an event that you see, you can book a table, by telephone or by submitting the below online request. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail if submitting the request online. Please make sure you let us know the time of your arrival. The table will be kept booked 20 minutes after that specific time, afterwards, depending on the number or guests it might be given to someone else.


The number of reserved tickets can be seen at any given moment on our "EVENTS" page.


The Supreme Council of Management and Surveillance of the Club’s Rules for the Development and Growth in the next Quinquennium


Our club has places on sofas, tall chairs and standing.
Places will be occupied according to their availability at the time you arrive.
In order to keep a comfortable atmosphere, we will not allow more than 90 people in the club.

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