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"...we could have our own club...but how would it look like?"


"We need to think about people who have taste. Classy people. The ones who appreciate fine things... you know... educated and mannered people."


"...to have Johnnie Blue...and Beluga and mmmm...Hennessy XO?"


"It’s compulsory to have a great sound system! To have an unique sound quality. Even the finest ears should find it impossible to notice a flaw."


"We could have the maps of Miserupia (Idontgiveadamnia) and Tengatia on the brick wall."


"...and let’s not forget about our favorite authors... Sir John MacKakraw, Bell Ymiai, Landge Bilaelae..."


"I would only like to listen to good music. Top of the tops. You know...legendary!"


"I think we should also organize the menus on categories...on levels: from the lowest, which is pretty good anyway, to the strongest, that can only be a legend... and if we design them, we should sprinkle some wise quotes between the lines."


"...and bartenders should be among the best. We should also have some original shots like G, A, O and Z" 


"When it comes to special guests and events....they must be the best!"


"And I suppose people should be welcomed with the traditional TEKTOSH”


"And we must make sure the seating and furniture are of the finest quality... the attention to details should always be on our mind"


"We want people to have fun there. After all, this project should become OUR HUB"


"We shouldn’t leave any empty spaces... there should be a new detail to discover every time you visit"




"Well I think we can do this!" 


- The Drunken Lords of Ghefil and Rover

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