Q: So after all how can we get in the club?

A: The ones who have made a reservation online or on the phone will have priority. They must tell us the hour they’ll arrive at, and table will be reserved for them 20 minutes after that specific time. If they are late, the reservation can be cancelled by us and given to somebody else who came on the spot.


Q: Where do I seat?

A: RClub has seats at the tables, high seats at the bar and standing seats. People can take any seat they chose depending on the time of arrival and their choice.


Q: How about safety?

A: Great! The building is earthquake resistent and is certified on this aspect. Against fire, among the Fire Inspectors Authorization , we also have Gefil extinguishers, that make us feel safe, eventhough we don’t really have highly inflamable equipment of furniture. And if the electricity is down, our emergency lights could still let us party for 30 minutes more.... but we would have to sing ourselves all the songs. But in case of a serious unpredicted event we have a second exit as well. At the exit Fagaraseanu awaits!


Q: What can we do with our clothes?

A: For the ones who will sit in the sofa area we highly recommend you leave your clothes at the coat check. Fagarasanu will keep an eye on it. Everything’s under control! But we encourage you to take your phones and wallets with you. We’ll be in trend with the western approach so we won’t take responsability for any of your personal belongings. For the ones who’ll sit in the bar chair area, under the table counters you will find perfectly arranged hangers for your coats.


There aren’t anymore questions that cross our mind. We think everything’s clear. But only time will tell... if we’ll hear any other... we’ll add them to the list.


- The Ultra Competent and Competitive Management Team in Conditions of Aggresive and Bitter Competition on the Hospitality Market


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